Do the work you like to do and not because you've to.

I am a High-School freshman, but don't let my grade fool you. I am an avid programmer, and I have been coding since 6th grade. I have plenty to say and talk too much.

Amiga lover and general nerd. I am involved with several projects in the gaming world, such as 333networks the drop-in replacement for the old GameSpy masterserver system, and the Chaotic Dream team, creators of the legendary Unreal Tournament mod "Chao...

CEO / Founder - COIN FX

Anti globalist. Ønsker selvstendighet...

Does awesome stuff!

From the Amiga days

Friend has made me curious, looking forward to see all the interesting and great things it will do.

Oldskool Amiga demoscener turned indie game developer at the age of 40.

Maintainer of Wekan and TSC .

Studied Geology at Uni and then promptly got a job as a computer H/W engineer with IBM in 1986 and have been with them ever since. These days I Work less with H/W and do more Sys Admin work Maintaining the large Development Lab for IBM's World Class Lin...

Worked as sysadmin and with pedagogical use of computers in the educational sector.