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March 7 at 20:55
Hi Dan, I know it has been some time since you hooked up many a Commodore to the internet in your YouTube videos - but I wondered if you would be open to reviewing our Retro Wifi SI modem. Or if not reviewing it, mentioning it maybe?! It's nothing particular new, we're the first to admit it! But it is aimed this time at the masses - at every old retro computer that could ever hook up a dialup modem back in the day. So we've had Amstrad CPCs online and hitting BBSese with it, Atari ST, Amigas, Sinclair, Acorn, Apple II's, IBM XT etc etc. Anything and everything with a serial port... We even make an adaptor so it can work on Commodore 64 and 128 too... We've kept it cheap, included a case as standard and the firmware is Open Source using Bo Zimmerman's awesome work.

I'd be happy to post one out to you if you're interested? Here is the URL: