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January 29 at 15:14

I was just given acces to FriendSky and I have a couple questions

1. What sites are there in the friend Browser

2. I am getting notifications on my mobile device about Friend Chat V.I.P room, but can never load them

3. How can someone make an account.

4. Are there any other access levels other than V.I.P?

Sorry for the confusion
January 29 at 19:43
This is the source code open source
January 29 at 19:45
1. Friend Browser is in a very early Alpha and not currently in development we focus on client requests atm, but the community is freely to develop anything they like it's open source. We are looking for a web browser within the system that could run within an iframe, the ones we have found are restricted for that use and all our windows atm are iframes, that could change in the future tho.
January 29 at 19:45
2. That must be a bug, what app ur using iOS or Android app?
January 29 at 19:46
3. We have a limited number who can test our public beta server that is why you can't create accounts unless you ask the team for a free account, you can always set up ur own server and do with it as you please.
January 29 at 19:47
4. We just have VIP user lever for our public server but ofcourse with the code itself on your own servers you will be Admin and can via the Admin app once that is completed define your own roles and give permissions based on that.
January 29 at 20:59
Thank You,

I am using android 6.0 ( Marshmallow )
January 30 at 09:42
2. Was it when you where in the system that the app was open or was it a notification on your phones when in idle mode etc? Just because it's two different systems of notification they say at the office that phone notifications should work, but we will test more, thanks for feedback and info.
January 30 at 15:42
I got the notification on my phone on idle, but I cant see any vip chat on any device
January 30 at 18:57
Hm okey will let our tester know tomorrow to check this on so we can fix it and update the server.
January 30 at 19:09
Thank you