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Self Employed
University of Greenwich
Kabulonga Boys Secondary School


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Work And Education

Work: Self Employed
College: University of Greenwich
High School: Kabulonga Boys Secondary School

Basic Information

Firstname: Trevor
Middlename: Philip
Lastname: Majula
Birthdate: 1 May 1973
Gender: Male
Languages: English, Senga, Tumbuka and a Little Japanese
Interests: Jesus Christ, Playing Chess, Food,Farming and Aquaculture, Java Coding
Philosophy: Have integrity always, even when you're alone. God is watching you
Religious view: Jesus Christ is my personal Lord and Saviour
Political view: People should respect the rule of Law, because God appointed them to enforce the law of the land as your leaders

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From the Amiga days


Greater is the one in me than the one in the world