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August 10 at 18:41
Hi, just testing Samsung internet on my phone for friendup ????
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August 10 at 18:42
August 10 at 18:42
August 10 at 19:01
Great, welcome :) Can be tester for browsers on TV and other devices also :)
August 13 at 08:20
Now I am using Chomium as well. :) So far it works ok. I was a user of Firefox but at some point I could no longer use FRIEND COMMUNITY with it after an update. I am free to use any browser I like so yes I should be able to do more testing :)
August 13 at 08:44
Should work in FireFox also, I'm testing it now with the 54.0 version could just have been a bug in Friend Community at that time, we do update often sometimes.
August 13 at 08:49
Yes, that is just what I thought at the time.
August 13 at 08:53
61.0.1 64 bit was the version of Firefox I was using recently with the bug. I was using 52.x with no problems I seem to remember. So yeah way back then was about the last time I last logged into FRIEND COMMUNITY before I started getting the bug. I don't at the moment remember much about my 54.0 experience but I will think about it.
August 13 at 10:25
So really now If I could get it to work with Odyssey Web Browser and the browser on the Play Station 4, I'd be very pleased. But yes that will likely require work. Still I am very happy to be able to use this app again and that I was able to move off Firefox onto Chromium and to be able to use Friendup on my Mobile phone. Thanks :)
June 10 at 22:51
I'm using Chromium on a Mac (Just set it up) all is good with this too now and this is how it will stay for me :D. Someday I may be able to do this with my Amiga X5000 with Amiga OS4.X as well as Linux